Friday, December 19, 2008

The weather outside was frightful, but the cookies were so delightful

Tonight was our Annual Cookie Swap. Geneen was the big
winner with her Peanut Butter Smore's recipe. I'll ask her
for the recipe so I can post it here for prosperity sake -
ha ha ha!

Overall, the swap was a success. Adelina asked to come to
the "cookie party" and was very proud to show off the baking
she did and tell about all of her hard work. It was nice
that Geneen came this year - I guess now that she is married
she thinks she fits in more, or something like that. Plus
she won, and Geneen held that blue ribbon proudly!!!

It was disappointing to lose some our regular faces this
year, but great to have some new ones! I'm on the fence
about the swap for next year. On one hand I think it is
great to keep up a tradition (and very helpful to swap
cookies and save myself baking time around the holidays!)
On the other hand I think that part of the reason I like the
swap is because of the people. Don't get me wrong, new
faces are great and always welcome! But it is the regulars
that I look forward to chatting with and competing with for
"cookie of the year". It is the old friends that I want to
look back with and remember all of our swaps and funny
times. I'm not sure the tradition has the same meaning if
each year the room is filled with new people and new
stories. Or is it? I'm not sure.

I have 364 days to think about this until next year's swap

Congratulations Geneen! I'm going to grab me a Peanut
Butter Smore and head up to bed. Bye bye!

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