Saturday, December 13, 2008

Mrs. No-Craft

Me, Mrs. No-Craft Marinello, is going to make these for the
kids for Christmas. Seriously, how hard can they be?

Now that I say that, I'm not technically Mrs. No-Craft. I
love the ideas and the concepts, I just never find the time
to finish anything :)

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  1. LOVE these, they are so super easy!! :) So glad you are going to use the idea... my 4 year old LOVES his, and I have made them for gifts for a ton of people! I will post some more fun little easy ideas for Christmas gifts in my next post! Happy crafting hehe! xoxox!

  2. Hello. These blankets are EXCELLENT Christmas gift ideas. They are so easy to make and truely are soft and very warm. I received your message on ebay and will be more than happy to help ya out this Christmas. I sent you all my information in a message via ebay. Glad to help! Happy Holidays to you and yours!