Thursday, December 18, 2008


Our Christmas Cookie exchange has become an annual
tradition. We alternate house's between here and Michelle's
each year. We have the usual attendees, the one-hit guests
(like a one-hit wonder?), the ones that always say they'll
come but never do, and then those that are too cool to trade
cookies? Ha ha ha!

Today, as I was holding a cell phone on one ear, my work
speakerphone was on the counter, and my hands were full of
flour I questioned why I really enjoy this. Is is the
baking? Nah - I can take it or leave that part. What I
really like is the tradition. As corny and old-lady as that
sounds, it is the truth. I like to tell Adelina about who
won "Cookie of the Year" the last few years, and I look
forward to showing Isabelle all of the pictures of the
cookies, my friends, etc.

Today after school Adelina walked in to a flour filled
kitchen and said "Mom, is tomorrow the cookie party?" She
was so excited for the "party". She actually remembers last
year when it was at our house and that everyone brings and
leaves with cookies. I distinctly remember her being upset
bc everyone was taking the cookies from our house - she
thought they were all for us!

So then I thought to myself "This is why I do this". So my
kids can have good memories of Christmas, family fun, warm
cookies, and good times sharing with others.

Within 2 minutes Adelina had her apron on and said "Where do
I stand mom?" Alas - I had a new assistant! She did really
great. Ad had made these before and was in her groove
pretty quickly - its like riding a bike, no? She made an
entire tray herself! She was so proud and then tired.
Adelina closed out her baking session with a dramatic
"Whew!" and a request for water - she was tired and thirsty
and it was time for the Backyardigans :)

When Isabelle got off the bus how could I not include her in
the fun? Although my kitchen was already clean and the
trays all put away, she smelled the cookies and wanted to
make some too. Thank goodness for my garage freezer -
instant cookies! Her cookies are now in the oven baking,
and she is standing here watching over my shoulder waiting
to see her pictures with her cookies. I think she may like
pictures more than me - is that even possible?

Merry Christmas and happy baking!

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