Thursday, December 25, 2008

Send a letter, get a letter

Can you believe Santa left us a letter?  We are so lucky!

Dear Adelina, Isabelle, and Joseph,

Merry Christmas!  I've been watching you from the North Pole and I see that you've been very good little girls and boys.  Is that true?  Thank you for the milk, cookie, candle, and the carrots for my reindeer.  That was very kind of you.  Your decorations look beautiful and I really love your kiddie tree downstairs – especially Cinderella on top!

Adelina, thank you for always helping mommy and cleaning up your room.  Don't forget to always listen to the rules and do your homework.  Keep up the great work in school!

Isabelle – what a great year for you – how exciting!  You are a very good helper with your baby brother.  Thank you for taking good care of him!  Always listen to mommy and daddy and make good choices, OK?  Great job!

Baby Joseph – Merry 1st Christmas!  I think you will be walking very soon.  Have fun with your sisters!

Because you all were so good I left you a few presents.  Enjoy them and always remember to share!

Love Always - Santa Clause

PS – I left a few surprises downstairs under your kiddie tree too!  They are surprises for all of you to enjoy together.  Merry Christmas!
By the way, I did NOT write the letter to Santa.  Well yes, I physically wrote it but Adelina dictated it to me.  I tried at least 4-5 times to redirect her on what she was trying to say about Isabelle but it was so darn cute that she wanted to make sure her sister got presents even though sometimes she is "bad" that I just went with it.
Merry Christmas!

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