Monday, December 15, 2008

Presents under the tree but what in the stockings?

I am not sure if anyone even reads my blog, but if you do
can you help me with a simple question. We all know that
presents go under the Christmas tree but what really goes in
the stockings? Is there a real tradition or history? I
searched online but found no good answer. When I was
growing up it was mostly girly things - a new hairbrush,
spray, lip-gloss, maybe a treat, candy, gum, etc. But what
should really go in the stocking or is there no "standard"
item? Is it really just meant for things that are small? I
think not bc a gift card to Target is small but it could be
$50 for example :)

So do tell - what should I put in the stockings this year?
Suggestions appreciated!

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Thanks and happy holidays!

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  1. Stockings are always one of my favorite things about Christmas!! When I was younger, my mom always put cute little girly things in as well.. little lip glosses, nail polish, jewelry, etc! We still do stockings as adults, and this year I found fun soaps, small candles, and yummy candy to put into my family's stockings. For the little one, I got bath fizzies, little matchbox cars, airplanes, candy, stickers, etc. Anything fun and little! And I don't know where the tradition came from, but my mom always put an orange in the toe of our stocking, and still does today... not sure where that came from haha!! :)

  2. Stockings are always just fun little items. Clever items that would fit in a stocking. We used to get the year in review LIFE magazine and put it my mom's stocking and we'd take time to reflect the year. That was the only item that was the same year over year.