Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Fondue anyone?

So it's a chilly Tues afternoon, kids didn't have school bc
of the holidays, and I wasn't up for a big cook tonight. I
was online and inspired by this blog post about pizza


Very intriguing! Isabelle is a big dipper (she dips
everything from toast, cheese, meats, veggies, fruit, you
name it) - so I thought fondue would be right up her alley!
So tonight for dinner I made my own version of a pizza
fondue (minus the Prego - ha ha!) with some leftover gravy
from Christmas, mozzarella, garlic, white wine, etc.
Yumm-o! I made a pasta dish for me and Joe but left the
girl's pasta plain so they could dip that along with cubed
bread, breadsticks, cheese, chicken, etc. Isabelle had a
ball with it! I set it up on the floor so that everyone
could reach the pot without climbing on the table. I would
definitely do this again in the future. We talked about a
caramel fondue for fruits (they are big fans of apple
dippers) and Isabelle wanted to do it right there and
then!!! This was a nice change to a regular weeknight

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