Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Terrible Two's Arrived Early

Joseph's "terrible two's" started around 15 months with
climbing out of the crib. We have advanced to running,
jumping off tables, and climbing OVER the gates in the
playroom. He won't even be two until February!!! For our
own sanity, we really needed somewhere (anywhere!) that we
could put him down and know he was safe. Found this pack 'n
play cage.... I mean canopy that is SUPPOSED to help curb
the climbing. Check back in a few days and I'll let you
know if it worked.

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  1. lisajoy--you probably don't remember me, but my husband mike valentin (mvalenti back in the kean day) worked with you in the computer lab.

    i've been a faithful reader of your blog for a long time! we have 2 kids-grace who is 5 1/2 and jason who was born 2/15/08, so his milestones are very close to joseph's! i had to say hi, because we, too have the crib tent, and i swore we were the only ones in the world with it!

    you have a beautiful family, and i hope all is well!!!!

    susanne valentin

  2. Hi there! I stumbled across your blog and wanted to say Hi! I also wanted to tell you that my daughter, who turned 2 in September, started her terrible twos when she was about 16 months old!! Sometimes I wonder where she gets these ideas to climb out of everything or off of everything! Sounds like we both have monkeys on our hands!