Thursday, November 12, 2009

Happy 1 Month Birthday Jack

Jack was 1 month old yesterday, November 11th. We
celebrated with the D'Alessio girls for lunch at Panera.
Well... sorta... I wanted to have lunch with Michelle, and
Jack's calendar happen to be free.

It was also the first time ever Jack was in his crib. Not
exactly sure why that is but yesterday was the big day.
Jack was actually pretty amused the crib mobile. I actually
just put that in for "show" not thinking he would even
notice it yet.

Also had a playdate and snuggle time with friends after
school. They brought Jack a great new baby gift - a painted
sign for his room. So cute!

Happy 1 Month Birthday Jack!

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  1. fun stuff! his hair looks so dark in that picture! Love the painting : )