Thursday, November 5, 2009

November blahs

I have heard from a person or two that my blog is noticeably
"blah" for the month of November. In my defense, it is only
November 5th, I have a newborn, and I am still recovering
from the month of Halloween - but - point taken.

November has been uneventful so far - yippee! Jack is doing
great. Up to a whopping 6lb and 4oz - woo hoo! Joseph is
still... well... being Joseph. He's running, climbing,
jumping, and screaming all of the time. Decided to start
him in a pre-school program for 2 hours twice a week in
December. Hoping that helps kick start his talking and
teaches our little boy how to share - hoping! Isabelle is
doing fine. She is loving school and gymnastics. Adelina
is also doing well. She really does love Kindergarten, but
there is no more cheerleading in November so she is a bit
disappointed about that. Both Adelina and Isabelle will
restart ballet in a few weeks and they are both looking
forward to that and seeing Mrs. Jenny.

Hmmm... what else. Well, seems like Christmas is almost
here. The retail world magically transformed on Halloween
night to a Winter / Christmas wonderland. Not sure why they
bother waiting until Halloween is over. Might as well
decorate with the back to school clothes in August :)

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