Monday, November 23, 2009

Another great time at the Great Wolf Lodge

We just got back from Joseph's 1st trip to the Great Wolf
Lodge. He was a bit rambunctious but manageable. Joseph
really enjoyed the little water sprouts that were all around
the water park. He liked to step on them to stop the water
and then run away and let it all spray out. Isabelle's
favorite part was - by far - the wave pool. Adelina's
favorite part was story time - not even water related. We
arrived for 8pm story time at 7:45 and there were already
zillions of kids in the lobby so she did not get a good seat
like usual. Adelina moved her seat at least 10 times trying
to get a better view and then cried and cried when it was
over because she couldn't see good enough. So we waited for
the lobby to clear, parked our pillows in the very front,
grabbed a board game to help pass the time, and waited 45
minutes for the 9pm show. She was front and center and
loved every minute of it! Another great time at the Great
Wolf Lodge.

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  1. Great wolf's lodge- where do you live? I live near West point NY and i have heard about Great Wolf and I really want to go, can you give me some pointers about best time to go etc....