Saturday, November 21, 2009

Another Night in the ER

Doesn't every family spend their weekends in the ER? This time it was Joseph - I guess it was his turn. Had a run in with a wall - the wall obviosly won. The ER doctor decided to use "glue" instead of stiches - I really think she was scared to stitch him and him kick her. She was saying how much better she was with stitches and how she usually does stitches in these circumstances, but then said after one stitch she thought he would completely freak. So he got the "glue" for now. I predict that will be switched to stitches in a few days but that's just my opinion knowing my overactive 20 month old son.

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  2. Fun blog! We've spent many a night in the ER too...I suppose with kids (boys) it's bound to happen.
    Happy Thanksgiving!