Sunday, January 25, 2009

Valentine Lollipop Lillis

Today we made Valentine Lollipop Lillis for the girls'
schools for Valentine's day. I need about 50 total between
their classes so I recruited Aunt Geneen to help.

Here is the original idea:

Aren't they adorable? But I had to modify our version
slightly to get the girls involved in making them and also
to cut down on the cutting. Man - the cutting was a killer!
Here are my modified instructions:

1. Print out flower shapes onto colored cardstock.
2. Cut flowers out following the dotted line. (This is by
far the hardest part! Definitely need a good scissors and
an adult to cut. A 4 year old couldn't handle this.)
3. Then, poke hole in center of flower and feed the lollipop
through the hole. Unfortunately - you can't use a hole
punch - it won't reach the middle of this template. Also,
the best way to get the wrapper through is to twist against
the wrap.
4. For the leaves, we did not use the template. Instead we
printed on Avery 5160 labels. This saved Adelina from
having to write their names 50 times plus it was a great way
to secure the flower in place.
5. Gave each girl a sheet of labels with their name on it
and a green highlighter to "decorate" the leaves.
6. Last, we attach the leaves to the lollypop stick by
folding the label around the stick, covering the bottom of
the lollipop wrapper - no glue needed and it holds
everything together nicely!

These turned out really cute. I'm glad I found the website!!!

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