Friday, January 16, 2009

The next Dorothy Hamill or Michelle Kwan

Today at 9:36am Adelina walked downstairs dressed in her
"outfit" for ice skating, ear muffs and all. For Christmas
she surprised us with a comment to Santa that she wanted ice
skating lessons. Interesting - I thought. I signed her up
for lessons at the local rink about two weeks ago. Our
family hasn't been the same since. The end of an agonizing
2 week wait is upon us. Every day was judged by how many
days closer it was to today (ice skating day) and every
activity was a medium to talk more about ice skating.
Today, every hour since 10am she asks what time it is, how
many more minutes, and who is coming to watch her. In her
mind, she will be the next Dorothy Hamill or Michelle Kwan.
How do you explain to a 4 year old that it will take lots of
practice, many falls, and not always fun - while not
stifling her excitement? I tried her bicycle analogy;
explaining that the first time she tried it she was very
excited but she fell off, wasn't strong enough, etc but that
then with practice and time she enjoys her bicycle and is
much better than the first time she tried it. Without
hesitation "How many more minutes now?".

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