Sunday, January 18, 2009

Surprise Snow Day

Maybe we just live under a rock over here on Stafford Road
but we didn't know we were expecting snow so this morning
was a great surprise! By 9am the girls were all bundled up
and headed for the snow. They broke in the new sleds that
Aunt Geneen and Uncle Goo got them for Christmas. It was
perfect timing because Grandpa visits every Sunday morning
so he brought the bagels (yum!) and also got to play with
them in the snow a little. It was sweet because he doesn't
see them as much as the other grandparents.

Here are a few pictures. I'll post the rest once the Kean
servers are back up.

Also, check out the videos I posted to You Tube (click under
Our Videos!). There is a funny one of a "super bomb" and a
big snowy wipe out!

Super Bomb and Wipe Out Video

To view all of our photos, look on the right side under "Our Photos" and click on the most recent date.

Thanks for visiting! Have a great day!

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