Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tonight's project... brownies!

Lately I feel like my day consists of waking up (tired), shuffling 2 kids off to school, working, washing bottles, changing diapers,
making dinner, eating dinner, baths, bedtime, repeat. Mixed in is a lot of stress and way too much yelling. So I decided to try to
do a fun thing together every night between eating dinner and bedtime. Last night we played Go Fish for about an hour. Tonight?
Brownies! Yesica has been asking me to make her a batch of brownies (first time she had them was a few weeks ago at a party I had)
so me and the girls made brownies from scratch... for absolutely no reason at all. We didn't need to make them for a party, to
bring anywhere, or anything like that. We made them together just for fun. Although the mess added to my nightly routine, it was
really fun plus we had a yummy and warm dessert!

PS - these are our favorites, we make them every time!

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