Sunday, November 2, 2008

Another weekend gone...

This weekend literally flew by! Friday was Halloween (no explanation needed!) and now it is 10pm Sunday night. Where did the
weekend go? Today Isabelle has her first birthday party without Adelina. It was adorable but kinda sad. It was a gymnastics party
at Surgent's and every once in awhile I'd hear Isabelle tell the instructor something like "My sister Adelina knows how to do that"
or "Adelina and I do that in our class". Isabelle just loves her so so much :)

We went to the DeCoite's for dinner and had walking tacos. Like a big personalized plate of nachos yum! Plus my kids love going
there. Adelina still talks about the day Lori watched them and let them take baths and play with shaving cream in the shower!

At least the Giants won today - that should keep Joe happy for at least another 48 hours or so. He can watch the reruns on the news
over, and over, and over! Oh - the kids all wore their Manning jersey's today - too cute! Lori took a few pics, I'll have to get
them from her.

Well, tomorrow is Monday. Isabelle doesn't have school bc of teacher's convention. Tuesday is the election - no comment! I am off
Thurs and Fri to get ready for - THE WEDDING!!!! The wedding is finally here this Saturday. Can't wait to see the girls and Joseph
all dressed up! Note to self - need to practice their hair styles!!! Have a great week!

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