Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tomorrow is the day...

Tomorrow is the day that I have heard about for 10 long
days. Geneen and Grant return from paradise. You would
think it was a personal punishment against Adelina the way
she carries on about them being gone. She cried about it at
least once a day and even had a time-out or two because of
it. All of that and she still talked to them almost every
day! Geez! Well, the agony will be over tomorrow. They
land around 11am and she is armed with crafts to give them.
She is more excited than anyone else I think. With Geneen
moving, Stafford Road will never be the same - ha ha ha!
Adelina actually asked tonight "Do you think Aunt Geneen
will let me live with her at the townhouse?" Doubtful, very

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