Monday, September 28, 2009

Isabelle speak

I know the day will come when I cannot remember the super
funny "Isabelle speak" that cracks us all up. So here is
today's dosage so I can always look back and giggle. The
subject is upcoming Schiffl Baby #3.

Isabelle: Is Aunt Patti getting that new baby in October?

Lisajoy: Not October, their baby is coming in March.

Isabelle: Why in the March?

Lisajoy: Well, that's when the baby will be big and strong
and ready to come live in their house with Sam and RJ.

Isabelle: Why? If hims come in October hims would be too
boring for RJ to play with?

Lisajoy: (I laugh) Well, not boring, but it wouldn't be
strong and healthy like new babies should be. It would be
too little.

Isabelle: I thinks hims should just come out in October
with our baby. You know (hands out to the sides), Aunt
Patti can make sure hims eats hims fruits and vegetables to
make sure hims grows nice and strong. Cuz mom, if you don't
eat your fruits and vegetables you are just boring.

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