Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fall Clean Up

We spent the entire day outside cleaning the garage. While
Joe moved everything out, around, and then back in, the kids
touched everything - literally! First, Adelina was roller
blading with a scarf on, then J5 and Isabelle were having
quad races around the house, next Adelina played taxi in a
kiddie car meant for a 1 year old and peddled along like
Fred Flintstone, Isabelle got a hold of my favorite leaf
blower, J5 rode a bike with a purple basket, Isabelle
snowboarded on the front lawn, Isabelle and J5 played
t-ball, all 3 jumped in the Jumper, and lastly Adelina
dressed up like a ninja snowboarder. All pics posted under
"2009 Summer". Fun day and mission accomplished - garage

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