Friday, August 21, 2009

LBI Day 7: Paint a Pot, Rides, Ice Cream, More Mini Golf

Today was a mish mosh of a day, but turned out great.
Personally I was exhausted from trucking on and off the
beach, but also the waves / undertow were VERY strong, so we
opted to start our day at Paint a Pot. Together, we painted
a 4-plate set for me (yippee!) and the girls each made
ballerina jewlery boxes for their rooms. Later, after 3
simultaneous naps (WOAH!) we had a surprise visit from Aunt
Geneen and Uncle Goo and did dinner, wristbands at Fantasy
Island, ice cream, and the girls wrapped up the night with
mini golf with Aunt Geneen and Uncle Goo - Isabelle got a
hole in ONE!!!!! Tomorrow we pack and sit in traffic... I
mean, drive home!

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Thanks for visiting! Have a great day!

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