Wednesday, August 19, 2009

LBI Day 5: Uncle Will's (oink oink), Beach, Mini Golf

This morning was another bright and early one, but worked
out fine bc we beat the crowd at Uncle Will's (pancake
place!). It is a piggy theme pancake house and every time
we pass it the kids oink - even Joseph! After that we
headed to the beach with Aunt Bella, Emily, and Michael.
Poor Emily - the girls did not give her 1 minute to herself
to breath. Joe got a nice breather though - ha ha! After
naps Miss Jenn joined us for dinner and then mini golf. The
girls LOVED mini golf - me, not so much. Very hot, lots of
walking, running after balls, etc. But it was a fun night
none the less. When we got home the girls gave Miss Jenn a
hairstyle makeover before bed. Considering it is almost 11
now and I still hear the two of them whispering in their
room, I am hoping tomorrow they sleep past 6:45 - any

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