Friday, April 17, 2009

Technology is Life Changing

I'll be the first to admit I'm not usually up on
entertainment news, and I sometimes lag behind when it comes
to local current events. To my defense, I do I make an
attempt to watch my beloved CNN every night and read the
world news headlines from MSNBC during the day. But this
week I have been completely overwhelmed by Susan Boyle -
have you heard of her?

Watch this:

This video made me laugh and cry at the same time.
Apparently I'm not the only one as this YouTube video has
claimed the fame of being the biggest YouTube sensation
ever! Bigger than Obama's victory speech (not hard for me
to understand, but still!).

And to top it all off? Today I am at my office and who is
live on my CNN Headline news? Susan Boyle!

I just look at this story and ponder about this woman's life
from this point forward. What if she hadn't auditioned?
What will become of her? Is she thrilled or is she
overwhelmed? What a ride she must be on now! Isn't it
amazing how technology has come to truly change people's

I tend to root for underdogs. I like a come from behind
victory or a 1 in a 100 horse to finish first. Although I
do not think Susan is an underdog, I'm in the camp that is
cheering for her to be on stage on Broadway one day soon.
Heck, why not?

<pause> As I am reading this my CNN news gadget just had an
update. No joke. Susan has now been invited to be on
Oprah. What?!?!? Susan Boyle is not only making
international news, all of over the US media, making live
appearances on Oprah, but now making the CNN gadget "top
news" list too? WOW, I am officially in awe.

Technology is amazing.

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  1. so cool- I am loving not only her but her story. I hope the other talented "Susan Boyles" of the world gain some confidence and show their stuff! Great post!