Sunday, April 5, 2009

Easter Parties are Thursday - Oh No!

I guess I'm still stuck back in March somewhere but I did
not realize Easter was really next weekend and that both
girls had Easter holiday parties at school this Thursday.
Anyone that knows me knows that with only a few days until
the parties I would have my contributions to the class all
planned and, in some cases, already made. Not this year!
Oh no! So what should I make? While the Lollipop Lilly's
for Valentine's Day were really cute and a big hit with the
kids, the mechanics of making them with a 3 year old were
trying on the patience. So I searched and searched and
searched for something cute for Easter that was quick, easy
to do with a 3 year old, and still adorable. I think I
found it:

Hippity- Hoppity Easter Carrots

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