Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valentine Rice Krispie Treats

Both girls need to bring in a small treat for their school
Valentine parties tomorrow, so I decided to give Rice
Krispie treats a try. Sounds ridiculous to even say this,
but I've never made them before. We did the basic recipe
with some sprinkles and food coloring:
Lori had mentioned adding food coloring to the marshmallows
for an extra punch, so we added red to make our treats pink.
Very festive and totally girly!

While these are pretty straightforward and a very sweet
treat, I found myself all caught up in marshmallow goo and
sugary webs. Did I do something wrong? I tried a spatula
sprayed with cooking spray and also tried using wax paper to
press down the mix onto the baking sheet, but it was still
super sticky. Regardless, Adelina had a ball and our treats
are now cooling. Should be very cute for school tomorrow.

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