Friday, February 20, 2009

Good things come in "handmade" packages

My friend Lori has this great "welcome" sign that has charms
that hang for each season. She uses it as a front door
decoration, and I've admired it for years. A few weeks ago
I decided I wanted one of my own, but do you think I could
find it or anything similar anywhere? NOPE! I searched
online, in craft stores, home good stores, etc. Nothing!
My mom always says "That online has everything!". Well mom,
not this time!

Anyway, I decided not to try to find it, but to make it.
Well, not me make it, but my friends-to-be over at Etsy.
Etsy is an online marketplace for buying & selling all
things handmade. I connected with a very talented woman
named Lizette that made wood crafts and had a specialty for
painting - perfect! I gave her snapshots of Lori's
decoration to use as inspiration. The resulting product is
totally amazing and exceeds all of my expectations. Not
only is it seasonal and fun, but the hand painting is
beautiful - no, exquisite!!! This is something I'll have
and cherish forever!!! The best part (well, for Lizette not
my wallet) is that she will continue to make and sell charms
as we come up with other ideas, seasons, etc. I have
already given her two new ideas for me (he he he!).

If you love this creation and want your own, Lizette is
really amazing to work with and will continue making these
sets. I'm going to consider them for housewarming gifts,
bridal shower gifts, or just for fun gifts when I need
something creative. I completely recommend her, her
painting, and her communication - she is amazing, and I know
I will keep in touch with her! If you want to contact her,
email her at - you will NOT be

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  1. Lizette did an amazing jog. Her attention to detail makes this "Welcome Sign" so unique. I love what she did with it. :)-lori