Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thank you for visiting the Magic Kingdom Water Park

Wet Wednesday! We woke up to rain and a tornado warning.
It was a very very wet day. Actually, that doesn't even
begin to describe our wet day. So we stayed in our hotel
for breakfast with Chef Mickey and then headed to the Magic
Kingdom in between down pours. At first, it was fine.
Adelina, Joe, and I went on Space Mountain (or Space Matador
as she calls it) and then did most of the attractions in
Tomorrowland. Just as everyone got on the Speedway the
storms rolled in and the skies opened up. They got to do
one lap on the track, and then the ride was over. We tried
to do a few more "indoor" attractions like Philharmagic, the
Pooh ride, Snow White, etc but we (and everyone else in the
park) were soaked, cold, and just grumpy. So it was a quick
end to our wet day. At one point running back to the front,
Adelina and I took off our flip flops because we were
hydroplaning on the water as we ran. It was deep over my
ankles, so we knew enough was enough. As we got to the
front the security guard joked "Thank you for visiting the
Magic Kingdom Water Park." If you don't get that joke, the
Magic Kingdom is NOT a water park Ha ha!

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