Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy Spring!

We will take March any year if the days are like today.
Sunny, warm, and fun! After naps we took a late ride down
to Long Branch and set the kids free on the beach. The
girls loved it. Joseph? Not so much. First, in his
defense, he was a little under the weather and wasn't
himself at all. He had a bad morning but I couldn't sit
around inside during this outrageous day. But then Joseph
the little scared-y-cat stood in the same exact spot for 30
minutes. He didn't even move. You can check the pictures -
he is in the same spot the whole time. Yes, he may not have
been feeling great and yes, he had sand issues, but today
was not is day - but the rest of us had a ball. Bring on
the warm weather please!

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