Wednesday, March 10, 2010

'Ohana means family

Hello from Disney Day 3.  Our day started with breakfast at 'Ohana with Lilo and Stitch.  After breakfast we said goodbye (about 20 times) to Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop as they headed home to NJ and we headed to Epcot.  Inside Epcot we all enjoyed Spaceship Earth and Joseph really enjoyed the dinosaurs at Ellen's Energy ride.  Later the girls took a whirl on Test Track with Aunt Geneen, Uncle Goo, and Daddy.  Then it was Soarin', Figment, and Nemo before we made our way to the countries.  Dinner in Italy wrapped up the night but Joseph had another doozie.  He tried to play Houdini with the tablecloth and sent all of our plates flying onto the floor.  It was a sight.  That was followed by warming up his pitching arm by throwing bread or whatever he could get his hands on at me (I was across the table from him).  He rounded out the fantastic dinner by throwing my water glass on me, and yes, it was full.  All that said, it was a fun day.  It was sunny and 78 and in between rides the kids enjoyed running in the grass and picking all of the flowers - oooops!!!

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