Monday, March 8, 2010

Family Fun at MGM

Aloha from Disney!  Today we visited MGM and the kids had a blast on Tower of Terror - yes, Tower of Terror.  Well, technically they call it Tower of Terrace but none the less they went on and enjoyed it.  I would have bet Isabelle would have taken the chicken escape before they got on, but she didn't. I asked Isabelle if she liked the ride (I stayed on the ground with Joseph and Jack) and she said "Mom, I liked the up part but NOT the down part" - ha ha. Next, Joe and Grant took Joseph and Jack to see the Playhouse Disney show and were picked to be the "special family" for the show. 1st row and all. But how "special" did they think Joe and Grant were? Joseph is talking more and more each day. Word of the day today was alligator, so every body of water he sees from a puddle to a lake he yells ALLIGATOR!!! Later in the day we were surprised by Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop who drove down to join us for two days.  Dinner was at 'Ohana and then fireworks on the Contemporary patio observation deck.  A very full day!

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