Sunday, April 4, 2010

Merry Christmas... I mean, Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, again! Spent a lovely day today at Geneen and
Grant's. It was warm, sunny, and just beautiful. The day
was filled with sun, food, Wii, and the North Pole train.
Yes, a Christmas train loaded with Jingle Bells, Deck the
Halls, and Santa Claus is coming town! Joseph associates
Geneen and Grant's place with a Christmas train set they
have. On the way there he started asking for "Goo Goo Choo
Choo". I thought he'd forget. But when we got there kept
asking until finally Uncle Goo made his way down into the
basement and brought up the Christmas train. Joseph and
"Neller" (Mr. Kneller) played trains most of the day. Each
time the track separated or the train derailed, Joseph would
come into the dining room and say "Neller hep me". So
flippin cute. Merry Christmas... I mean, Happy Easter!

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