Thursday, October 8, 2009

She is 5 going on 15!

Yesterday there was an assembly and prayer service at school
and Adelina was named "Angel of the Month" at school for her
Kindergarten class. She got to stand up in front of the
whole school, etc. Ad was VERY proud, so I told her I would
spend some extra time with her - I was thinking a trip to
the park, outside on the trampoline, maybe ice cream, etc.
Oh no! My 5 year old decided that she needed to go shopping
bc today was school picture day at school, and they were
allowed to wear anything they wanted for pictures. Is she
15? Ad picked an outfit and necklace 100% on her own. I
put my foot down on the matching handbag and headband bc,
quite honestly, why does a 5 year old need yet another
handbag and she must already have 70 headbands. None the
less, this morning she got ready for picture day and OH MY
CUTENESS! She was so stinkin' adorable and looked so grown

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