Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Beautiful Day

Today was a beautiful day and a fun evening. Today Yesica
gave the kids Messi soccer jerseys. Lionel Messi is an
Argentine soccer player who plays for the Spanish soccer
club in Barcelona and the Argentine national team.
Apparently he is considered to be one of the best "football"
players of his generation. They all looked adorable in
their matching jerseys!!!

After dinner Adelina and I ran to the dollar store for a few
things and her pick of the night were kites for her and
Isabelle. I had zero faith they would fly - but they did!
They were a total hit! Worth all $2!!!

Now they are in for baths, then bed, then the American Idol
finale. Here is to hoping there are no more dark capes and
smoke when Adam appears tonight.

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