Sunday, August 16, 2009

Starting the "don't want to go home" countdown

Good morning. Today is Sunday - but is today day 1 of our
vaca or was yesterday day 1? That is the big question on
the mind of my 5 year old Adelina. She has a "don't want to
go home" countdown :) Yesterday was a good start to our
vacation. After LOTS of traffic we made it down safe and
sound. The kids wanted to go straight to the beach but we
needed to unpack and get settled. Joseph quickly started up
and down the stairs so out came two gates - pronto! Around
7pm we met Matthew and Morgan at the lighthouse. Adelina
said "this is the most beautiful sunset I ever saw!" - she
is so dramatic!

This morning (Sunday, I guess it is now Day 2 according to
Adelina) started EARLY! Isabelle and Joseph were both up
before 6:45 which is NOT normal in the Marinello house. Had
breakfast outside and by 9, Joe and Yesica took the kids for
a walk to Hand's. Looks to be another beautiful sunny day!

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