Tuesday, August 18, 2009

LBI Day 4: Morning Beach, Tucker's Lunch, Shopping, Just Bead It (again), Playground, Ice Cream

What a day! Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop visited today and it was a
whirlwind day! We did a morning beach run from about 9 to
11 and beat the crowds (and the heat!). When Mom-Mom and
Pop-Pop arrived we did lunch at Tucker's and misc shops.
The girls REALLY loved Just Bead It yesterday so since we
were out and about, I took them there again to make their
name anklets while Mom-Mom did one more store. SO CUTE!!!
Then we found a great bay beach in Surf City with a
playground and the kids had fun while the adults (except
good 'ol Joe!) cooled off under the pavilion. By the time
we got home Isabelle was exhausted and cranky and fell right
to sleep, so we grilled for dinner and then got ice cream
before Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop went home. What a great day!

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