Monday, August 1, 2011

Not summery but super fancy!

Adelina deserved a treat for a special accomplishment, and I
could not figure out something appropriate to get her. It
had to be something super special, that she really wanted,
and that she had to feel like she earned. Well... did I
find it! I took the girls back to school shoe shopping on
Saturday at the Nordstrom's sale and Adelina wanted these
high-top black sequin sneakers. No way! They are hideous
and just not a logical choice for back to school shoes.
Then out of the corner of my eye I saw a girl about Ad's age
trying them on. I asked our young, hip sales-girl what she
thought of them, and she told me they are VERY popular with
grammar school girls and sold out in most colors. Hmmm -
made me rethink. While I would not let her pick these for
back to school shoes, I did sneak a pair into my bag and
surprise her at home. These were her special treat and she
absolutely flipped. She completely understood that these
were a reward just for her, and she loved them even more
because of that. So now we are the proud owners of high-top
sequin sneakers. Lucky us :)

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