Sunday, November 28, 2010

Decorating for Christmas - Part 1

Decorating for Christmas didn't go as smoothly as past
years, but that's OK. Normally we decorate and do the fun
stuff the Friday after Thanksgiving, but that all got side
barred by Disney Tangled and some other fun activities. So
Saturday and Sunday we decorated a little at a time. The
kids had a great time trimming the mini tree out front. It
looks pretty cute too, considering it is real and there all
year round :) Then I let the kids do their "kids" tree
inside down in the family room. I didn't do one thing
except a few ornaments at the top that I was "told" where to
put. This is their tree, so it was all them. I LOVED
turning around and seeing Adelina, Joseph, and Isabelle all
sitting with an ornament hanging from each ear. It was the
absolute funniest thing. Would make a great Christmas card
for the future :) So although it was loud, messy, and took
a long time, the kids trimmed their tree all by themselves
and had a great time doing it! The rest of the decorating
to come soon. Merry Christmas!

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