Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Here comes the bus!

Finally after several attempts, Adelina got on a school bus!
She was so excited, but she made me feel like I had a
teenage daughter already. Adelina did not want us to walk
her to the bus and when I explained I wanted a picture of
her getting on the bus for her first time she told me to
stand on our front steps and use the zoom on my camera. Oh
boy! I am going to be in trouble in a few years.

The sweetest part of the morning was once Adelina was on the
bus and pulling away Isabelle started hysterical crying.
She couldn't breathe or talk. When Isabelle finally came
around, and she told us what was wrong she said that she
missed her sister and didn't want to ever watch her leave

Joseph was loving be with us all and once he got the hang of
"say cheese" he wouldn't stop! I put down the camera inside
the house and he pointed to it over and over again saying

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